Hi, I’m Lee. They/Them. Thanks for checking out my math pages.

Land Acknowledgement

I live and work on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The southern tip (including Victoria and Langford), the San Juan, and the Gulf Islands are the traditional territories of the Lkwungen (Lekwungen) peoples. The place where I live was an area rich with resources shared with the neighbouring relations of Schian’exw (Beecher Bay), Ts’ouke (Sooke), Elwa Klallam and Makah. Native Land Map

Lkwungen means “Place to smoke herring”, Lkwung means “to smoke herring” and Lkwungen’athun refers to the language of the land. Lkwungen traditionally and still to-date unites the Esquimalt and Songhees peoples as one family.

I acknowledge and thank the Lkwungen People for allowing me to live, work and raise my family on their lands.

As a teacher in this community, I acknowledge my role in either perpetuating the trauma inflicted on indigenous and diverse peoples by colonial structures or in contributing to the dismantling of those structures. Through a commitment to learning about the history of this land as experienced and told by indigenous peoples I strive to participate in community that honours indigenous peoples, cultures and ways of knowing.

Mathematics is a human endeavour and delight and belongs to all cultures and all genders. Much of the math taught in high school and represented in this website has been handed down to us for many hundreds of years through several languages and cultures.  In order for the present and future math community to become richer and more diverse an effort is required by those who work with youth to break down barriers and build bridges to encourage participation by those from all cultures and representing all genders.

Land acknowledgement adapted with permission from https://ipsociety.ca/about/vision-mission/


I’ve been working on this website project since January 2017. Since starting out at Whitehaven School, Cumbria England in the year 2000 I’ve taught in Norway, Costa Rica and in BC Canada. For 12 of those years I got to teach the IB diploma in the United World Colleges. This lead to an opportunity to write for kognity.com, and in so doing I figured out how to use GeoGebra to make resources I wanted to use in my classroom – a nice development from the layered acetates I made at Whitehaven school. I then downsized my career to be spend more time with my family, and have gotten around to many things including writing this website.

I take lots of opportunities to be out and about or to be making things. The kids are 5 and 9 and we like to cook, hike, bike, kayak, camp, sew, explore intertidal life, swim, do puzzles, play games, lots of games. I also enjoy woodwork and most recently, love to hike with our dog Ben the bernedoodle on our local trails.

Like so many people I love to make things work out – whether its getting two pieces of wood to join together perfectly or getting an applet to work nicely. I’m always looking for ways to invite kids/learners into math to enjoy the satisfaction of having things work out.

10 to 12 math

My purpose in writing this website is to create a reasonably organised bank of interactive teaching/learning math resources. Also possibly some math explanations and/or video/website links that are relevant to the topic.

For the most part I add materials as I’m teaching particular courses. Grade 11/12 precalculus pages are new this year (2021). Since learning math involves backtracking and since there’s so much more to math than the school slice of it I have the ‘middle plus’ pages. Finally, we homeschool our kids and so there are a few elementary math pages.

I use GeoGebra to make the interactive applets. The first pages I posted were all projects with fairly open ended applets. Now there are lots of short quiz applets and practice quiz applets. The ‘applet link’ lets you open the applet on GeoGebra’s page. On the GeoGebra page, the full screen button works. Also, for teachers there is a ‘create class’ button, which allows you to assign the task to your class and see the individual responses on your own screen.  All the applets have been tried and tested by my classes. Nonetheless if you see something that needs improvement or correction, please use the contact page!