8. Course Exam Preparation

Mixed Review:

Past provincial grade 10 exams

Course Review (i) Fall 2018

Course Review (i) Solutions

Unit Reviews

Unit 1 Algebra Review

Unit 2 Trigonometry Review

Unit 3 Factoring Review

Unit 4 Sequences Review

Unit 5 Functions Review

Unit 6 Linear Functions Review

Unit 7  System of equations review

Review Materials


Unit 1 Solving Equations Test Out geogebra applet

Unit 2 Review 1 worksheet with answers

Unit 2 Review 2 worksheet with answers

Unit 3 Factoring with exponents interactive website

Unit 3 Factor trinomial (i) worksheet with answers

Unit 3 Factor trinomial (ii) worksheet with answers

Unit 6 Slope y-intercept test out geogebra applet