3. Number and Algebra

1 Algebra Review
2 Number Classification
3 Exponents: Integers
4 Exponents: Simplifying Expressions
5 Exponents: Rational
6 Radicals part (i) Number
7 Radicals part (ii) Algebra


PC11 Number and Algebra Assignment


Mid-Unit Review: Number and Algebra Mid-Unit Review

Mid-Unit Review Solutions: Mid-Unit Review Solutions

Unit Review: Number and Algebra Unit Review

Unit Review Solutions: Unit Review Solutions

Quiz Practice

Practice 1 Solve Linear Equations Practice writing for the reader.

Practice 2 Simplify Surds Calculator permitted,  show working.

Practice 3 Fraction Exponents No calculator, evaluate fraction exponents.

Quiz Format

A class code will be given on quiz day on the google classroom.

Quiz 1 Solve Linear Equations

Quiz 2 Simplify Surds Calculator permitted, show working on paper.

Quiz 3 Fraction Exponents No calculator, Please use reference sheet