6. Math Project (G11 PC)

Choose between one of the projects listed.

The objective is that you investigate a new area of math, related to the course, and create a product to report your learning.

Be prepared for the emotional journey that is part of independent math learning. If you are currently low on familiarity with research and independent learning, the experience of feeling lost may be quite daunting. Pay attention to your internal conversation and try to steer it towards productivity. “I need to take a break and come back to this” is better than “I give up”; “I don’t see the sense in this yet” is better than “this makes no sense”. etc. Cultivate a constructive response. Navigating the emotional journey of academic challenge and reflecting on it later is quite possibly just as important as navigating the math itself.

Option 1: Proof in Precalculus 11 Math

Option 1: Proof Assessment Criteria

Option 2: Parabolic Arcs in the making of Movies

Option 2: Parabolic Arc Assessment Criteria

You will be given feedback on your first submission. After receiving the feedback, you may choose to respond to the feedback and resubmit it for grading a second time.