Interactive Math Lessons

Welcome to this growing list of interactive math lessons built on

To do a lesson, click the link and go ahead. To assign a lesson to a class, click the ‘assign’ button at the top right on the activity and follow the instructions. You will be able to see your students complete the task in real time on your own screen.

If this is a first GeoGebra lesson its best to choose a mathematically simple one. A simpler activity allows students get used to the tech tool first before using it as a learning tool.

These interactive lessons are more accessible on a larger screen.

It’s possible to edit any activity by making your own copy.


Interactive math lesson on parallelograms

Grade 4+ Rectangle Robots. Learn about rectangles.

Grade 4+ Matching shapes. Play with rectangles and triangles. Concept builder for slope/ratio.

Grade 4+ Parallelograms. Define, play, calculate the area of a parallelogram. Concept builder for area and slope/ratio.

Grade 6+ Reflect 2D shapes Reflect various shapes over a line. Concept builder for slope/ratio.

Grade 6+ Enlarge 2D shapes with scale factor 2 and 3

Grade 8+ Scale Factor and Area Investigate the relationship between linear scale factor and area.

The Cartesian Plane

Interactive lesson on calculating rectangle properties when drawn on the Cartesian plane

Grade 8+ Plot the points. Use all four quadrants to plot a simple image

Grade 8+ Rectangles on the Cartesian plane. Concept builder for the slope formula and the distance formula.

Linear Functions

Interactive lesson on calculating the equations of lines that form various patterns

Grade 8+Coordinates and Linear Functions Use verbal instructions to plot points on a linear function

Grade 8+ Plotting points on linear functions Use verbal instructions and write algebraic formula for points on a linear function

Grade 8+ Identify a linear function Use a dynamic point to help calculate the equation of a linear function

Grade 8+ Linear Function Patterns Identify linear functions used to create a pattern

Sequences and Series

A sequence of polygons

Grade 10+ Arithmetic Sequences and graphing.