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What’s different from a paper and pencil quiz?

First you don’t need to think up questions and second you don’t need to mark. In addition:

  • Questions are carefully randomized, giving students their own individual set of questions that fall within reasonable parameters of difficulty;
  • The practice quiz is built with the same code as the quiz: the same types of questions show up in both;
  • There are infinitely many questions to practice with. Students think in terms of ‘do I know how to do this yet?’ rather than ‘am I finished?’;
  • Mistakes are essential in learning – the practice quiz is there for students to exhaust all of their mistakes;
  • Students are generally given two or three attempts on quiz questions – giving them the opportunity to self correct. This mirrors real world math a little better.
  • The final screen on the quiz shows the student score;
  • You can ‘pause’ and ‘resume’ any quiz;
  • Since every question set is different from every other question set, there is meaningful learning in retaking the quiz.

How to use the quizzes

To practice for a quiz or explore the contents of a quiz, click on the practice quiz link.

To do a quiz, click the quiz link and go ahead.

To set a quiz to your class, click the link, click ‘assign’ at the top right, then follow the instructions. There are two link options – GeoGebra or Google Classroom.

Interactive quiz options

Use the GeoGebra link if you’d like

  • students to be able to take the quiz as many times as they like,
  • students to not be able to edit an attempt after they close the page (unless they make their own GeoGebra account and sign in with their own account);

Use the Google Classroom link if you’d like

  • students to be able to return to their work later;
  • to set it as an assignment and so to be able to record each student’s grade right on the Google Classroom platform;
  • on a student’s first GeoGebra activity, they will need to click ‘allow GeoGebra’ on their google classroom platform. They only need to do this once.

With both versions you will be able to see your student’s progress in real time.

Try it out!

Here is a 6 question quiz where students are asked to estimate an angle.

Interactive quiz on estimating an angle

This is a nice first GeoGebra activity to set a class because it lets you, the teacher, see how it all works. Additionally its a soft entry for students as they’re not ‘right or wrong’ just ‘close or closer’.

It takes about 10 – 15 minutes. I like to do this quiz on the projector first – either by taking class guesses or doing my own guesses – then I challenge the class to beat my ‘average error’ score that shows up at the end. Throw in some candy for those that do and this math lesson’s a winner!


As teachers know it takes more than a good activity to make a good lesson. To use these quizzes effectively in the classroom, here are some recommendations:

  1. Require that students have notepaper, pen and calculator beside the laptop. Students often like to go ‘brain-to-chromebook’ . However for most students ‘brain-to-paper-to-chromebook’ forms learning. (Not all – there’s probably one kid who will do much better and be much happier without the paper)
  2. For students in math courses that lead to math at university, these quizzes are an excellent stepping stone to a traditional paper and pencil test. For equity and access I make sure to use some of the quiz questions in the paper and pencil test.
  3. On any quiz there’ll probably be a student who insists that the computer is wrong and they are right. From time to time there might be an answer entry problem (incorrect rounding is number one). Usually the student has an error in their work that can be figured out. This is excellent learning in troubleshooting.

Interactive Math Practice Quiz and Quiz List

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Finance Practice Quiz
Compound Interest Practice Compound Interest Quiz Compound Interest
Functions Practice Quiz
Linear Functions Practice Linear Functions Quiz Linear Functions
Quadratic Solving Quadratic Equations Practice Quadratic Equations Quiz Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Functions: three forms Practice Three forms Quiz Three forms
Quadratic Function Properties Practice QF Properties Quiz QF Properties
Inverse Functions Practice Inverse Functions Quiz Inverse Functions
Transformations of Functions Practice Transformations Quiz Transformations
Rational Functions (linear/linear) Practice Rational Functions Quiz Rational Functions
Properties of Polynomials Practice Properties of Polynomials Quiz Properties of Polynomials
Geometry Practice Quiz
Scale Factor and Area Scale Factor and Area activity Scale Factor and Area quiz
Number Practice Quiz
Simplifying Surds Practice simplifying surds Quiz on simplifying surds
Trigonometry Practice Quiz
Right Angled Triangles Practice RA Triangles Quiz RA Triangles
Simple Trig Equations Practice Trig Equations Quiz Trig Equations
Exact Values Practice Exact Values Quiz Exact Values
Sine and Cosine laws Practice Sine/Cosine Laws Quiz Sine/Cosine Laws
Exact Values with Radian measure Practice EV with radian Quiz EV with radian
Sine function Range and Period Practice Range and Period Quiz Range and Period
Calculate Sine and Cosine Functions No practice available Quiz Sine/Cosine Function
Sequences and Series Practice Quiz
Arithmetic Sequences Practice Arithmetic Sequences Quiz Arithmetic Sequences
Arithmetic S&S Practice Arithmetic S&S Quiz Arithmetic S&S
Geometric S&S Practice Geometric S&S Quiz Geometric S&S